Industry News

  • Changes to Australian Standards…
    9th October 2016 heralded the new Australian Standard AS/NZ 4777.2.2015. This new standard requires all inverters and power conversion equipment (PCE) to be certified to this new standard.
    Lakeside Electrical installs only compliant products listed on the Clean Energy Regulator List.
  • The Clean Energy Council has made changes to the Approved Panel List used in Australian installations. 400 panels have been deleted from the accredited list due to poor quality, obsolete panels or old listings. From 4th November 2016, these panels will no longer attract an STC rebate.
    Lakeside use only accredited panels.


End of an Era

Gross Feed in Tariffs ended on 31/12/16. This means for those of you who have a 60 cent feed in tariff, you will need to change to the net metering system. You should have by now received a letter advising you of this by your retailer and the NSW Government.

If your retailer is offering to change over your meter to a smart meter free of charge, with no strings attached (i.e. new contract, pricing, etc), this is an easy option you.
Should your retailer not offer this service, please contact us here at Lakeside and we can have your meter changed to a Solar Net Meter.

Expanding Your Current System

It’s Easy! If you are wanting to expand your current system, especially as the 60c feed in tariff has now ended, now is a great time to investigate this option. Solar pricing is at the lowest it has been in years. Give Karen a call for some advice.

Battery Storage

Many of our clients have expressed interest in Battery Storage for their new or existing systems.

Enphase have released in August 2016 their 1.2KW hour storage Lithium Ion Phosphate battery. Affordable, expandable and can be retrofitted to either a traditional DC string system or an AC system.

Click here to find out more about the Enphase Battery Storage for your system.

Maintenance of Your System

Is your solar system operating at it’s best?

To keep your system producing as much power as possible, it is important to have a maintenance check every 12 – 18 months.

Checking panel mounting, wiring, inverters, voltage in and out, meters and of course panel cleaning is part of our Maintenance service.

Government Rebates (STCs)

Government Rebates are still available for new and expanding solar systems. Yes, rebates are reducing from 1 January 2017, however only by 1/15. This is due to the deeming period for these STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates) reducing from 15 years to 14 years.

Now is the time to install your solar system…

Whether you are a family, retired couple or single – solar products have never been so affordable.  Now is the time to invest in Solar.  Finance options are available.

For any further information, please call Karen on 0429 006 116 or drop into the showroom between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday at Shop 1, 11 Toallo Street, Pambula (opposite Pambula Tennis courts, next to GJ Gardner Homes).